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So far we have two books out: How to Ace Calculus and How to Ace the Rest of Calculus.

How to Ace Calculus is a calculus supplement aimed at students beginning their study of the subject.
It is intended to be an easy to read, informal presentation of the key ideas of calculus. Intended for use together with a standard calculus textbook, it will ease the process of grasping the many new and important ideas of calculus. The book has many humorous stories and jokes related to calculus.


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The Mathematical Association of America's Online book review column has a review of How to Ace Calculus that appeared in March 2000:
MAA Online review

Reader reviews can be seen at
Reader reviews at

There are also reviews at the Barnes and Noble's website:

The "Karl's Calculus Tutor" site gave a review which can be seen at:
Karl's Calculus tutor - Recommended Books

, Derek Habermas reviewed the book for
Mathematics and Computer Education



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The retail price of each book is $14.95, but they can often be found for less at some online sites. Note that some, or even all of your savings can disappear into the shipping fee if you are only ordering one copy. Shipping ususally costs about $3 to $4, which wipes out some of the cost advantage. However if you get together with some friends and order more than one copy, or if you are also ordering other books online, the cost can be quite a bit cheaper than at local bookstores.

The largest online source is, which has excellent service and often has the best prices. Prices fluctuate quite rapidly, so you need to check around if you want to be sure of getting the best price.

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